Monday, July 20, 2009

What are the chances?

What are the chances that we get to the French countryside where there is usually not much to do and instead there is a festival in the town center and an art exhibit at the chateau in biking distance from where we were staying???!!!

Here is our chateau/hotel:

Gorgeous but simple, perfect for a glass of wine in the mid-afternoon after a day of bike riding and relaxing by the Loire River.

Here is the prestigious Chateau/Old Royal Property we visited:

The coolest part about this was that all of the grounds were dedicated to a huge exhibit that joined art and nature- I loved it!

Here is the festival we partied at:

Mussels and fries were the big thing. Wine and beer was 1 euro! And the best thing ever, fresh goat cheese from the farm in town, 2.50 euro! Amazing!

The country was a great relaxing escape from the beautiful city that is Paris (which we once again came back to love)!


  1. That festival looks like soooo much fun! Yummy food. Those frites look AMAZING! Glad to hear you ladies are enjoying yourselves.