Sunday, July 26, 2009

Highlights from a Great Last Weekend

Let us start with one of our favorite things about Paris that we have yet to mention...pooches everywhere (most of them off leashes by the way)!!!

This pooch hung out with us as we ate pizza in our hood one Friday night. We loved him!

Second, we will show off the most amazing croissant ever from an unassuming boulangerie in our hood (that we go to too much) that is ranked #2 in Paris for the best breads!

This is a funny series of Amanda loving the most flavorful, fluffy layers of a pain aux chocolate ever on Saturday morning!

Lastly, this Sunday we rode our velibs (bikes) to Parc Floral in Bois de Vinciennes for Jazz and a picnic (the Parisians' favorite thing to do). This was a perfect, beautiful and relaxing, ending to an amazing month.

This was the setting for the jazz.

We are honestly in disbelief right now that the month is over but we know now that will be back to enjoy more of Paris soon!


  1. You didn't post riding at midnight to the Louvre, a warm summer night that was just perfect!

  2. some time in the next month maybe (for me) michele, in a week!

  3. awesome. you should just stay there instead of going back and forth;)