Thursday, July 16, 2009

GAGA for Manchester

Excited to speak English for 2 1/2 days Michele and I headed to Manchester, England. Of course one of the first things we had to do was try some local food...

Here we have a "jacket potato" filled with cheese and yes, that is coleslaw- pretty good!

The main purpose for us going was to see the culminating concert for all the Rockcorps Manchester projects that Michele helped set up a few months back. The head liner was none other than Lady Gaga. Hearing the Brits say her name made her sound like royalty and that is definitely the excitement they showed her- they absololutely love her and in return she put on quite a show!

Lady Gaga

The openers were The Enemy (a british rock trio) and my personal favority of the night N-Dubs. I would definitely encourage everyone to check these guys out although I have no idea what they are like recorded. In person they played really fun hip-hop/pop music with so much energy that I fell in love with them!

The Enemy


I could summarize the trip by saying that the Rockcorps concert was the best yet, there was some nice shopping to do in Manchester, the jacket potatoes were great, but all and all we were so excited to get back to Paris even if every little thing we do requires us to think extra hard because of the language barrier (I actually think I am starting to love having to think hard about all the small decisions I have to make in a day!).

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  1. It's also nice to not have to talk if you don't want to:) Glad you guys are having a wonderful time:)