Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cats, Dogs and Musicians

The first thing I did this morning was right on target with what all good Italian-Americans would do after being in Paris for 2 days- head to the market to get some fresh ravioli for dinner! Upon arriving to Marche Des Enfants Rouges I was taken by this sweet little cat napping amongst the produce I was looking to buy.

Then tonight, after eating our first home cooked meal of the trip (made by yours truly, Amanda), we headed out to what is supposed to be the best ice cream in Paris at Berthillon. Yet again, before we even accomplished this tiresome task, we paused to take in this dog lying in the middle of the street as it owners awaited a seat at this brassarie.

And finally, we come to the musicians who entertained us, and some others looking out their windows too, with jazz last night for about 2 hours.

Ahhh, Paris.


  1. Je suis si contente que vous etes arrivee a Paris sans affaire! Est-ce que vous avez aime la glace de Berthillon? Qu'est-ce que vous avez mange? Hooorrraa pour paris!!

  2. could life be any better??

  3. I love the streets of France. Absolutely beautiful and full of culture. Wishing you another lovely day!