Friday, July 10, 2009

These models are definitely not eating crepes!

Views of the Eiffel Tower and the Sacre Coeur as seen from the Centre Pompidou

After sending Michele off to work today I set out for the Centre Pompidou, which is the Musee National D'Art Modern. I immediately went to the exhibit titled "elles@centrepompidou" that surveyed women artists throughout history. I have seen this type of exhibit before but was impressed with the depth and breathe of work that was covered.

As I was happily moving towards the next exhibit I noticed that there was a photoshoot taking place, so I quickly found a spot to hopefully have my first celebrity spotting here in Paris. Later over dinner when I was telling Michele that some of Paris' "top models" were at the museum I thought to myself, ...

these women (below)

are certainly not eating these crepes (below)

that Michele and I had for dinner!!!

By the way, does anyone know these super skinny models?


  1. You didn't mention that the crepe place on our corner is so popular we had to wait for 10 pm reservations on a Thursday night!

  2. What did you gals have in your crepes? Thanks for the update Stretta.

  3. oh my god! crepes are the best!

  4. YUMMMMMMMM! i'm foaming at the mouth looking at these pictures!